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Message from MD

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Dear Visitors,

Assalamu Alaikum,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to FAIR Group. Since our journey, we have been working with full commitment and endeavor that led us to become one of the leading and largest composite knit garments and textiles manufacturer in Bangladesh. Like most of the companies, we faced a challenging business environment over the past years during the global economical turmoil. We have faced these challenges with great diligence and have succeeded in continuing our significant contribution to the economy of Bangladesh.

FAIR Group is committed to dressing peoples worldwide with distinctive, qualitative and fashionable knitwear. The company is one of the leading knit-garments industries that manufactures and exports variety of sophisticated knitwear. Top listed branded customers worldwide have been serving with the knitwear of the company.

With a skilled workforce of over 1200 people, which is expected to double  over the next few years, our vision is to be the leader in our business domain and have a visible contribution to the GDP of Bangladesh. We have the skills and assets to achieve our goal and are highly confident in the Group’s future.

The company and I myself is one of the pioneers of establishing garment industries in Bangladesh and marketing readymade garments especially the knitwear to the international markets as well. I have been participating actively into the knitwear marketing campaigns and study export markets of the European countries. It’s a matter of satisfaction that “Knitwear Marketing Mission” that I have launched under patronization of the United Nations comes to the successes and knitwear of Bangladesh achieved tremendous popularity worldwide.

We insist on conducting our business fairly, with honesty, and transparency and without fear of public scrutiny. We work cohesively with our colleagues and across the Group and with our customers and partners around the world, building firm relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation. The ever increasing efforts towards attaining better and new business ventures have exposed the company bring the strategic destination vital for the prosperity of our companies.

We trust in new ideas and state of the art technology which is the road to the future. We desire to travel this road hand in hand with our valued customers and our employees to seek and find prosperity for the Group and the country. This enables one to build trust and confidence with everybody, where long term relationships could be developed for the benefit of everyone.

I would like to end my note by mentioning one of our focal maxims, which has enabled us to come this far in these different areas of corporate services– “We will go further!” 

I wish to express my gratitude once again.

Thanks and Regards,

Mohammad Quasem