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Company Profile

FAIR Group is a company that care about people and the communities we serve and a partner of the businesses we manage. We have a proud history of doing business honorably, of working to improve the quality of life and giving something back.

Fair Group of Companies has been in the business of knit-Garments sector for more than four decades. With a modest beginning, the group succeeded in expanding through export of quality knitwear to the global market. Since its inception, it has never stopped in growing in quality, quantity, standards and everything in between. Its policy includes its emphasis on CSR activities and active involvement in regional and religious activities.

Since its foundation we remain determined to serve our valued customers providing the best quality products with excellent service. In response to demand for our best quality products from our valued customers, we have made ourselves capable to produce the products with all sorts of designs, constructions and specifications with a high throughput using the most modern & computerized machines/equipments. We believe that our quality will make our client confident about us and they will regard us as a professional and reliable manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Today, with more than 40 years of commitment to service excellence, we are universally acknowledged as one of the Country's garments pioneers, developing and exceeding expectations in the Knit-garment manufacturing business. We are totally committed to Customers’ Satisfaction. With the smiling faces of the customer as the ultimate goal, the Group is constantly striving focusing on its time honored corporate philosophy - 'Customers’ Satisfaction No.1'.

The management of the company firmly committed to fulfill all related rules and regulations concerning workers rights and benefits. As regards, compliance performance of the company monitored with high care. Workers Representation and Welfare Committee (WRWC) elected from among the workers and safeguards workers right. Baby and Child care center arranged within the premises of the company. Training to the workers on various issues like first aid, health and safety, fire-fighting, emergency evacuation, use of PPE’s etc. are arranged as regular practice.

Fair Group is best described by 3 words –

  • Quality
  • Authenticity
  • Diligence